Affiliate Program
We open a new Affiliate Program just for you!
Because we want to give everyone a chance

How does it works?
Make sure to follow all the step here below, our system runs automatically!

Email us @
Subject Affiliate Program
Write: I love to join the Affiliate Program
Write your Instagram name so we can make you a discount code! sample "
your username will be your code!
you will receive a email back : [yourcodename] Active Share Link: etc.
When you received a email back it means your code is active.
Emailing us means you agree our terms

What to do next?

You can go promoting in many ways such as referring your code to friends and family or using photos of our items to promote, etc.
The code contains 10% off the whole order
When someone use your code you will receive 1 point count only for 1 order not per product
If someone Cancel/Refund the order you will receive 0 points
1.When you reach 2 points you will receive $10 Gift Card
2.When you reach 4 points you will receive $30 Gift Card
Do not promote you code on our media links we will delete your discount code immediately.

How do i know how many points i have?

Every end of the month you can email us
Subject: Affiliate Program
Write: I want to know how many sales + [yourcodename]
We will email you back with a screenshot of you discount code

How can i quit?
Email us
Subject: Affiliate Program
Write: i want to quit discount code name: [yourcodename]

Good Luck Cuties!